On 26th Jan 2015, Survivors organization heard visitors from US AID and APHIA PLUS  to document  success stories at survivors organization.The team has been funding survivors organization for the last 3 years also supporting projects with the aim of  reducing HIV  New Infections,Stigma and Discrimination,Peer Education, CPWP ,HT C,Cervical Cancer Screening, VMMC,Exchange Visit and among otherDSC06509 DSC06511

Survivors Organization  Members  sharing success stories
@Survivors Organization Busia Kenya,

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Survivors Organization Members sharing success stories
@Survivors Organization Busia.

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Knowing Your Status And Advocating For Behaviour Change Keeps You At A Better Chance In Helping Our Community And Socierty Impliment And Reduce New Hiv/Aids Infections , Reduction Of Stigma& Discrimination Also Minimising New Hiv Relatade Deaths. Be A Hero By Sharering This Information With our Friends.

Condom shortage in Busia town

We sex workers of Busia believe in our slogan of “condom is good all the time and all the time condom is good and that is our nature”! Surprisingly, we are not living to our slogan due to inadequate supply of condoms.

Our main condom supplier who are PS-Kenya together with the ministry of health have not been able to make the necessary deliveries for the past three months, which has made it impossible for sex workers to carry on with their business smoothly. To some extent, a few condom dispensers have been spotted having used sanitary pads and black notes due to being without condoms for long.

We have reached out to our partners who include; Ampath-plus, Busia wellness centre and the public health office but they also sing the same song like us ‘they do not have enough condoms’ they are waiting for new stock!

Kindly we are appealing to other partners and organization out there, who could be having some in store to help us please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!