Founded as ‘Muungano’ (a network of sex workers) and later as “Survivors” connoting our members’ resilience, since its establishment, we have expanded our geographical reach and extended services to Men who have Sex with Men (MSMs). 

Peer Education Programme

This is our flagship program at Survivors. We focus on recruitment and mobilization of peer educators, community outreach and sensitization on safe sex including,
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The Emergency Support Scheme

The Emergency Support Scheme (ESS) is an intervention that responds to the need for a health insurance policy tailored to the needs and financial capabilities of our members.
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Advocacy Rights Programme

This program aims to:Increase levels of awareness and build strong coalitions supporting advocacy for sex workers rightsReduce social stigma, discrimination and abuse of sex ..
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Economic Empowerment Programme

This program seeks to raise the standards of living, and improve the quality of life of sex workers in Busia and its environs through income generating activities.
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