Break The Rules, Face the Consequences

An interesting story where by a sex worker locked a client in a room after he had refused to pay for services. Here is the story.

After the incident, she took the condoms used and went to talk to the security guard who had connected her to the client. The security guard had not been trained by the organization and therefore he was rude to the sex worker and refused to compel the client to pay. What happened is that the sex worker called a paralegal that came and tried talking to the client asking him to pay but he refused. They went to the police with the condoms, reported and were given an appointment to go back at 7.00pm. All this time the client was still locked in the room where they had slept. He stayed locked till 6.00pm when the security guard came and opened the door for him since they were friends.

The sex worker had also reported the incidence to the manager who was on her side and was very mad with the security guard when he learnt he had opened the door. Being a weekend, I was not in the office but they managed to inform me of the progress of the case and in the evening I called more paralegals and we went to solve the issue.

Upon reaching the guest house, the security guard was very hostile to us but when the manager so us, he came to our rescue. The client was called and we asked him why he refused to pay the sex worker. Upon hearing that the matter was at the police station, he was shocked and was very remorseful. The manager did not spare him as he was commanding him to pay or he will go as a witness to the matter at the police station. The client confessed to us that he did not pay because he did not have money on him since he had not been paid for the goods he had delivered. He confessed that they had agreed on Kenya shillings eight hundred but since he has delayed with the payment he will pay one thousand Kenyan shillings to the sex worker the following day at the same time. He also told us he had not paid the room he was sleeping in and we confirmed we with the manager it is true and therefore he will clear all the bills at the same time. We took his number and made the manager promise not to let him leave till he pays.

The next day he called us, paid the sex worker and since he had money, he both us beer and negotiated for business with another sex worker and this time he paid cash. He became our friend and confessed he had learnt his lesson!!!


Author: Mathew Nyabwana

Born in Nairobi ,I have developed knowledge and skills in communication and general attributes pertaining to this level of education

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