When a client won’t just finish………

One evening  CHRISTABEL a sex worker in Busia County went out on business at Governors lounge which is one of the hot spots where sex workers get clients in busia town. As usual, she got to the hot spot and after a short while got her first client JACK who they agreed on the price of a shot and later went to Florida guest house for business.

Upon reaching the guest house they got down to business as they had agreed. Normally a shot takes about 15mins but this went on and on and on, until Christabel was wondering when it was going to end. After a long wait that never came to an end Jack decide to use his fingers when his dick had failed him.

This was even worse than the act itself, he finger fucked the lady until   she started to bleed, Christabel couldn’t take it anymore that’s when she decided to call for help, she managed to send a text to her fellow sex workers who came to her rescue.

Sex workers who came were paralegals they talked to the security personnel and together they went and knocked on the door, the client opened the door and Christabel was released and jack was forced to pay double the amount and also paid for the damage he had caused.

The names used are not the true names of the victims








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