One morning while we were at the office we received news that one of our members had stolen from a client a sum of 22,000/- , as an office that fights for the rights of sex workers we had to do something about it so as to protect the rights of the client.

The co-coordinator Carol said that we should find the truth and not base on here say, so she called the sex worker who had been mentioned to come to the office and clear her name. Molly (not her real name) came to the office and she was asked about the issue, molly said that she did not steal from the client.

The said client is her regular client whom she knows very well and also the client know her too and even comes to her home to see her mother and children, so how could steal from a person who knows where to find her and also knows lot about her.

Molly deiced to call the client to come to the office, and say the truth because this was not being taken lightly with office, Molly being a peer educator and a paralegal and she was expected be a role model to other sex workers, the client never came to the office but Molly was given a warning the next any case like this comes about her or any other member who is a peer educator or paralegal they will be suspended.

Note: Names used  on the story are not real names due to security and public figure terms .