Survivors Organisation is a sex worker led and driven membership organization founded in 1999 in Busia County, in Western Kenya. Registered in 2000 by the Ministry for Gender and Social Services, Survivors’ believes in the fundamental human rights and dignity of sex workers. We seek to empower and support sex workers in making informed choices about their sexuality. We are at the forefront in advocating for the rights of sex workers. At Survivors’ we create an environment where members feel respected and dignified; they challenge and learn from each other, as well as provide a caring atmosphere of encouragement and safety, using a non-judgmental approach restore hope to sex workers, who are reactively, periodically or formerly involved in the sex industry.

Founded as ‘Muungano’ (a network of sex workers) and later as “Survivors” connoting our members’ resilience, since its establishment, we have expanded our geographical reach and extended services to Men who have Sex with Men (MSMs). Additionally, we have effectively responded to poor information and heath services; abuse of sex workers’ rights, social stigma and the challenge the historical association of sex work with dysfunction, drug addiction, organized crime, and powerlessness. In defiance of social stigma associated with sex work and HIV/Aids, we changed our name from ‘Muungano’ to ‘Survivors’ Organization.

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