September 10th to
October 10th
marks the world suicide prevention month.
Suicide is plaguing the world and we need to bring this to an end.
It is a collective responsibility to achieve this.
How about we all became empathetic listeners just to save a life.
You need not be a Mental awareness expertise to aid,any rational being can do this .
There are so many meaningless pleasantries outhere about suicide but immediately we stop spoutting that,then lives will be saved.
For the next 30days try checking on people,any random person actually
.you can be their saviour.
Imagine somebody saying I survived because you came through?, amazing right?
As trivial as the issues can be,let no one demean you of your reaction.we are different and am hoping by now each and everyone of us understand that you can’t be there for everybody.
A person is more than enough.
Let’s reach out.lets speak out.
It’s a cruel world but you got one who certainly cares.
You can reach out to me if you feel otherwise ???.
#mental health awareness
#suicide prevention.

Author: Mathew Nyabwana

Born in Nairobi ,I have developed knowledge and skills in communication and general attributes pertaining to this level of education

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