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Consistent and correct use of condom for every sexual act is one of the effective ways of protecting ourselves from getting STIs such as syphilis gonorrhea, chancroid and any other infection.

Sex workers[FSWs /MSMs]  must have protected sex with their clients whether regular or non regular.

Survivors Organization has been in the front line in advocating for safe sex where by members have come up with a slogan that says “NO CONDOM NO SEX” other strong mesegase  like “CONDOM S GOOD ALL THE TIME”Has really created impact to all the community in the western parts of Kenya,mostly in Busia  County  which borders Uganda .

The organization has imparted knowledge to all the members with the aim of getting rid of STI Transmisison.

In addition they undeerstand the consiquences of having unprotected sex where by they have been empowered onn legal justice advocating for

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