Just a point of concern to all who are there to discriminate and stigmatize others, have you ever asked yourself this question, “if you were in his or her shoes how would you feel?” suppose    you were neglected due to your sexual orientation or the kind of work you do to earn a living, what will be your views?

There is a point I would like to make, not everybody was meant to be a farmer or be a teacher. Everybody has his or her own career, profession or job. If we were all meant to be farmers, who will buy our products?

You are within the community neglecting other people rights; you are doing a wrong thing. Let everyone has his or her freedom as long as he or she is not interfering with other persons interest or mandate.


As human beings, let everybody express their views in order to create a well and established society with full of knowledge, positive attitude and anxiety in order to achieve our mission, vision and positive impact in our future generation.

Let everybody exercise their freedom and rights in order to enhance peace across all genders and ages. Let everyone feel free to associate with one another in order to build a working nation. Keep this in mind. ONLY RIGHTS CAN STOP WRONG.PEACE


Author: Mathew Nyabwana

Born in Nairobi ,I have developed knowledge and skills in communication and general attributes pertaining to this level of education

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