At last, a new look for the Organization

The management and staff of survivors

a painter scripting new logo on the wall at the office premises.
An Artist at work drawing new logo on the wall at the office premises.
a painter scripting new logo on the wall at the office premises.
taking survivors to the next level

organization would like to congratulate, I HUB team from Nairobi which has been in the upper hand making sure survivors organization enhance the quality communication skills in the world of I.T.
Through the support from Open Society foundation OSEA, the organization has not only benefited from legal aid support program me but also managed to enhance new look creating vital channels in strategizing effective communication.
In creating workable ideas and mission, the organization also restructured their logo with the aim of making effective impact in order to enhance clear perspective and vision for their members. This has also enabled us to get more support from stakeholders and donors at large creating impact in our local surrounding and the world at large through share ring success stories, news and also human rights advocacy.
This great innovation will surely enhance the quality of services, empowerment, vision and mission at large .It is indeed a step forward in fulfilling the visions we have for the organization as a whole securing an internationally recognized reputation as one of the finest most diverse organization.
We believe this will greatly help us enhance and get more support leading to success and great achievements.